RT 官网资料: 沈玉琰


Name: 沈玉琰 (SHEN YUYAN, Laura)

Faculty: FED

Major: Curriculum and Instruction (CCI)

Hometown: Harbin

Room: 6004

Hobbies: Swimming, Singing, Skating

Strengths: Curriculum design







RT 官网资料: 韩佩琦


            Name: 韓佩琦 (HAN PEIQI, Peggy)

            Faculty: FAH

            Major: English Studies

            Hometown: Liaoning Shenyang

            Room: 4038

            Hobbies: Swimming, Reading Novels, Playing Piano,

                          Watching Movies

            Strengths: Literature








Name: 李論 (LI LUN, Maggie)

Faculty: FSS

Major: European Studies

Hometown: Sichuan Province

Room: 3040

Hobbies: Calligraphy, Jogging

Strengths: N/A







            Name: 柯琦 (KE QI, Chris)

            Faculty: FAH

            Major: Chinese-Portuguese Translation Studies

            Hometown: Anhui

            Room: 3004

            Hobbies: Gym, Basketball and Running

            Strengths: Chinese-Portuguese Translation; Translation

                             Theory; Lusophone World Culture and Literature 







Name: 段聿舟 (DUAN YUZHOU, Rachel)

Faculty: FSS

Major: Political Science

Hometown: Hei Longjiang

Room: 2051

Hobbies: Reading, Painting, Running, Yoga and Playing Chinese Lute

Strengths: Field of International Relations









            Name: 羅自洋 (LUO ZIYANG, Roger)

            Faculty: FST

            Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering

            Room: 4018

            Hobbies: Watching Film, Sports

            Strengths: Physics, Circuit Design









Name: 郇甜甜 (Huan Tiantian, Britney)

Faculty: FST

Major: Applied Physics and Materials Engineering

Hometown: Shandong

Room: 3063

Hobbies: Sing, Dancing, Classical music

Strengths: Matlab Programming, Drawing by Microsoft Visio or

                 Adobe Illustrator








            Name: 顧菲 (GU FEI, Athena)

            Faculty: FSS

            Major: International relations and public policy

            Hometown: Henan

            Room: 5004

            Hobbies: Movie, Singing, Traveling

            Strengths: Video Editing, Content Updating







RT官网资料:Ricardo Brito

Name: Ricardo Brito

Faculty: FST

Major: Computer Science

Room: 1035

Hobbies: Computer Programming, 

                 Sports: Basketball and Football, Gym, 

                 Playing Guitar, Chinese Language(mandarin).

Strengths: Programming (Mac, Windows and Linux)







           Name: 黃志文(CHI MAN WONG, Martin)

           Faculty: FST

           Major: Computer Science

           Room: 1001

           Hobbies: Doing Gym, Swimming, and Reading

           Strengths: N/A







Name: 馬子乾 (MAZIQIAN, Manson)

Faculty: FST

Major: Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering

Hometown: Shanxi

Room: 5023

Hobbies: Saxophone, Volleyball, Badminton, Swimming

Strengths: Physics, Math, Materials